New Alleyway Gear is Here!

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we thought we'd give you an extra special treat. A new range of Alleyway gear, so you can look good while representing your favourite hidden cafe!

Featuring two new designs, this range will be available for a limited amount of time so make sure you don't miss out and get your order in today.

Our Dealer range incorporates the infamous green bike that our head dealer (barrister), Erin, can be seen cruising around Murrumbeena on, and is regularly parked at the cafe.

Where our Wake the Dead range showcases the iconic alleyway that we all know and love, with a sneaky cameo from the green bike.

The Alleyway Cartel is the best hidden cafe in Melbourne's south east, so make sure you represent it!

Use discount code PICKUP if you want to collect from the Alleyway direct.

Click here to view the full range