Choosing a Coffee blend for home

Choosing which coffee blend to drink at home can be quite daunting.


Did you know we can supply, grind, and deliver your coffee blend of choice to you anywhere in Australia?

Here's a quick basic guide to choose what blend suits your home coffee game.

If you prefer a milk based coffee (latte, cappuccino, flat white etc), our house blend wild child that we use in the cafe is a great option. It's strong without tasting bitter and pairs well with alternative milks. This blend works especially well with soy as it doesn't produce that dreaded curdle.

If you're into filter or batch brew coffee the hey buddy blend is delicious through your v60 pourover, chemex or batch brew machine.

Black coffee drinkers:

If you prefer a brighter more complex flavour the Tanzanian single origin blend is lovely and light. If you prefer your black coffee to pack a bit more punch, the Brazilian blend will suit your taste. The brazilian single origin is also a great option if you are living with or sharing coffee with someone that drinks coffee with milk as the darker flavours in this Brazilian single origin aren't dulled by the milk.

If you are using a plunger at home I also recommend the Brazilian single origin.

Decaf drinkers: I'm am so happy to have finally found a delicious decafinated coffee. This decaf is roasted with beans sourced from Mexico and has a nice strong flavour. If you are grinding your own coffee at home, I recommend grinding slightly finer than you would grind your coffee usually to get the most out of this blend.

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